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0154 Welcome to one of the most interesting cities in the world. From fashion an design over history and culture all the way to high-tech industry, Milan has it all. The city that to some has the reputation of being a cold commercial hub in fact is teeming with options for the cosmopolitan traveler. We are bringing you the best of them.

0311 With over 2500 years Sofia is one of Europe's oldest cities and overflowing with history. After Roman and Ottoman rulership It was communism that 25 years ago left the city for good. Ever since Sofia has been going back to the cosmopolit metropolis it always was.


1207 How do you travel to every single country in the world? Norwegian extreme traveler Gunnar Garfors gives some great insight into his experiences with Eastern European dictatorships, the international differences in nightlife as well as the right mindset to conquer the world by traveling.


January 26th, 2016
What To Pack

A credit card here, a business card there: The average man's wallet gains weight fast and easy. We are introducing a stylish alternative to carrying a wallet that won't fit into your pocket anymore: the timeless men's accessoire of the money clip is the perfect men's gadget for the upcoming summer.
October 16th, 2015
What To Pack

What are the essential items to pack into your toiletry bag when you are traveling? We are stripping your dopp-kitt down to the essentials without which you would be helpless. Toothbrush, deodorant and shower gel are obvious - but what deserves place in your toiletry bag before anything else?


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0301 As men we love cars. So what could be better than taking a stroll down memory lane and cheerishing the coolest cars of the past decades? Episode one in the series of »Coolest Cars« brings you the most enticing wheels from the years of 1965 to 1975. Let the ashpalt burn.


0829 "Wait 3 days before you text her! Go see a movie on the first date! Always pay for everything!", says everyone and their mom when you ask them about what pitfalls to avoid in dating. How far will such advice take you in real life? We are debunking three common dating mistakes that have been around...

0703 Tired of grinding through the same routines every night? Want something that better suits your preferences without alcohol, cigarette smoke and the likes? It is time to give good 'ole nightlife a miss. We are showing you the top 6 venues to meet the woman of your dreams during the daytime.

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01291 There is an ever-growing trend for classic masculine behaviour and traits to disappear for good. “Ever-growing"? - Not so fast, say 5 manly things that are coming on strong in 2016.

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01963 It was not Eminem. Not was not Janet Jackson, either: One of the best-selling pop acts of the 1990s came from the heart of Europe. Ulf Ekberg, founder of Swedish pop phenomenon Ace Of Base, talks about the band's way to success, the upsides of filesharing, and why great pop music comes from Sweden.