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Read this quick overview of traveling in Nepal. What you need to know about getting a visa, how to hire a guide or porter, and overview of places to see.

Whether you’re venturing into Nepal to trek the Annapurna Circuit or vagabonding around Europe, these are our choices for the 10 best travel accessories.


No abandoned buildings with this man: Duncan Smith dives into a city to tell its story through its history. That way he is able to peel off a city’s layers like those of an onion and get to its core. A raw approach to traveling free of crowds, ticket boxes or souvenir shops.

If you thought Ukraine was all about the flashy lifestyle of oligarchs then you were right. Halfway-right, that is: not far from the city center lies Vozdvizhenka, the “Oligarch’s Ghost Town” of Kiev.


Long looks from the other end of the room actually a very rare occasion. There are much more frequent and much subtle signals women send out when they like you. We are giving you a basic lesson to pick up on all those secret signals.

We are looking into the past, present and future of 8 more international football icons: what constitutes their fame? Where are they now?