Budapest Travel Guide

Budapest Travel Guide: The Ultimate Budapest

Before I’ll say anything at all let me just say that you made the right decision.

As corny as it may sound, choosing Budapest as a travel destination was the right choice. You did the right thing and you can be confident that it will pay off dearly. — Why is that and what does that even mean? If I was to point out why Budapest is such a great destination for the singe male traveler then there would be two points I’d try to make:

First comes the fact that Budapest is a city of such livability that it is almost an attraction in itself. This guide is putting a good deal of an effort to prove that to you.

375 transparent coverThe second factor that will contribute to making your travels to Budapest a success is not the city itself, but the very guide you are about to read.  The Ultimate Budapest will serve as your personal blueprint for a successful stay in the city. Written for the single male traveler this guide gives you the details that you need on the things that interest you as a man: No endless afternoons in the museum, no hiking in the countryside, just spot-on advice on everything that is of interest to the traveling man: money saving tips, background information on culture, people and the women as well as: scam alerts, safety tips and, last but not least, everything you need to know about the city’s thriving nightlife.

Every sentence written about getting to the city, about booking hotels and apartments, about seeing attractions, parks and doing walking tours and every single bar, restaurant and nightlife venue recommended inside draws from my own personal experience in the city. No generics, no Wikipedia quotes, no nonsense.

With The Ultimate Budapest you will learn …

  • about the one month in which Budapest should be avoided at all cost
  • about the cheapest and fastest way of getting to the city
  • how to find the most convenient lodging at the lowest price (hint: it’s not a hotel)
  • how to navigate through the city when you are fresh off the boat
  • how to weed out the good daytime activities from those that waste your time or rip you off
  • how to navigate through the endless nightlife options.
  • about the top 3 tourist traps in Budapest and how to avoid them

All written from a perspective that aims to be of good use not to parents, not to the Elderly, but to the single male traveler.


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